The beauty of Tennessee

I thought I’d start this gloomy Monday morning off with a life experience post for all you lovely readers. A few years ago myself and my family spend a few days in the Great Smokey Mountain area of Tennessee, located near Gatlinburg before traveling down by car through Georgia down to Florida to spend the rest of the holiday with my grandparents on the West coast. We stayed in a small town which was very local called Pigeon Forge surrounded by mountains, forests, open roads and lots and lots of nature! Even though the state is completely land locked, I still managed to have a lot of fun there even without a beach to go and chill on!!


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We found a new place to brunch!!

After trial and error me and my boyfriend have finally found the perfect place that we both like in order to enjoy a spot of brunch. We just decided one afteernoon to go and have brunch at ths new place on Otley Road in Headingley called Caffe Latte and have fallen in brunch love!!


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Birthday celebrations!!

The 19th April 2016 usually is a happy day however this year I had very mixed feelings about turning 20!! 20!!! Your 20s are the years where life usually ‘begins’ and I do not feel like I am prepared for that quite yet, I still enjoy Capri Suns, Ravioli in a tin, being tickled and still cannot write neatly so it still baffles me that I have actually entered my teens let alone left them!! With the sadness of turning an actual adult aside I actually had a very enjoyable set of birthday celebrations over a few of days!


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5 Quotes that will make you want to pack up and travel the world!

It’s that time of the year where I am incredibly sad about not having holidays or trips booked for over the summer, so what better way to cheer me up than to post about going away! I aways find these quotes posted all over the interrnet about traveling and it just makes me want to go away and just explore and enjoy the wonders of the world, so here on this gloomy Mmonday, are some of those for some motivation!

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Review: Rebel Romantic (06) – Kiko Milano lipstick

Kiko Milano’s Intensivley Lavish Lipstick Shade Number 06/Rebel Romantic.

I had never really heard of this brand before, I just saw this shade of lipstick on Depop and fell in love. Little did I know that I had a store of their comany right by near where I live! And after having used this lipstick I can say that I will be paying a visit into the store! I have never found a lipstick quite like this one, even my MAC lipsticks that I have used have always come off in the day however this one doesnt come off, even if I have been out to eat and drink it stays in place, and does not dry my lips out!

I will be rating this product in several different areas inclusing: packaging, colour, wear and price in order to give it an overall rating out of 10, just like all of my review formats!


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Easter weekend!!

Arriving home in Peterborough from Leeds on the Wednesday before Easter gave me plenty of time to get prepared for the celebrations which went on that weekend so i’ll be taking you through what I did to celebrate this great time of year! I love Easter as I love the treats and colours which are associated with this festive period. It is a completly different flavour palette and colour scheme to Christmas and Valentine’s day which have been the most recent past festive times.


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Review: Rub Rub Rub, shower scrub

After having included this in my March’s Miracles blog post which you can view here, I thought this product deserved it’s own review! So Lush’s Rub Rub Rub shower scrub review, coming right up! You can view the product on Lush’s website here. As always I will be reviewing this product in several categories which include, packaging, useage, outsome and price and then I will be turning those into one overall score out of 10 for the product.


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March’s Miracles!

It’s the end of the month which only means one thing! It’s time to review my monthly favorites! this is my favorite time of the month as i get to share with you what I have been loving through the month of March, as well as giving my detailed opinions on these items too! With it finally being Spring I have also been loving the Spring related posts which I have been posting! Check out my most recent posts to get up to date. But before you do that, let’s get stuck into what I have been loving this March!


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Review: Honey I Washed My Hair

I have never really had any interest in shampoo bars, I always thought they wouldn’t give my hair the same clean real shampoo does. How wrong was I!? I had heard good things about Lush’s shampoo bars so I thought that I would give them a go myself, and  honestly can’t wait to try more of them! I would also love to try some of the conditioner bars too as I am more than impressed with this product! You can find this one on their website here, I believe that at £5.95 ths product is very well priced!

I will be reviewing this product by it’s smell, looks, useage and durability. After I have given each of these areas a score I will give it an overall mark out of 10!


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Current workout routine!

My current workout is nothing too special, but it works for me to get me active every morning and at nights, I have been very good so far and give myself a gold star each day I do both of my workouts! Which sounds pathetic, but it really works! At the end of the month, as a treat and encouragement, I add up all the stars, convert it to pounds £ and then treat myself to the money equivalent! This could be a new pair of shoes, a dress or a meal out! This way I stay motivated to do the workouts twice a day and not be naughty and skip days.

I’m not working out to lose weight or anything like that; I am happy with my body and I am not trying to change it, I am doing it just to improve my strength and release some stress so I am not on a diet I just eat as I usually do which is still healthy, but as most of us, I do love my sweet treats! I just do my workouts in the space that I have free in my bedroom, or wherever I am at the time. I do not use the gym as I feel more motivated to work out at home and with the little equipment I have to hand I have seen more difference in myself than when I used to work out at the gym!


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