5 Quotes that will make you want to pack up and travel the world!

It’s that time of the year where I am incredibly sad about not having holidays or trips booked for over the summer, so what better way to cheer me up than to post about going away! I aways find these quotes posted all over the interrnet about traveling and it just makes me want to go away and just explore and enjoy the wonders of the world, so here on this gloomy Mmonday, are some of those for some motivation!

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March’s Miracles!

It’s the end of the month which only means one thing! It’s time to review my monthly favorites! this is my favorite time of the month as i get to share with you what I have been loving through the month of March, as well as giving my detailed opinions on these items too! With it finally being Spring I have also been loving the Spring related posts which I have been posting! Check out my most recent posts to get up to date. But before you do that, let’s get stuck into what I have been loving this March!


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10 Nail polish colours

Every girl loves to pamper themselves and paint their nails all the time, I dont know how we dont get bored of it already! So here are 10 of my all time favorite nail polish colours and nail looks for the Spring season! You will most definitley see a trend in my favorite nail polish brands too..! I finish off all of my nail polish looks with Sally Hansen’s clear nail polish which is avaliable here.

In order to paint my nails, I hate it when I am constantly worrying about knocking my bottle over when I am moving my hands, so I have a super handy contraption which allows me to paint my nails care free!! The domed shape with a foam pocket to put a bottle of nail polish takes this stress away of remembering where I put my bottle!! Let’s dive right into this colour journey!a2

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10 Easy meals for egg lovers 

If you like eggs then this post is perfect for you! Eggs are such an easy item to cook with and the possibilities are endless to what you can do with them! As a stuudent I find that eggs are always in my fridge as they are filling, healthy and they last a while! I will be listing different ways in which you can use eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the occasional dessert! All of these recipes will be easy to follow as well as cost friendly! index.jpg Continue reading

10 Different uses for cosmetics and beauty products!

Have some old cosmetics that you no longer use? Or just get left at the bottom of your make up bag? Here is the answer you’ve been waiting for, here you will see ways in which you can use your old or unused cosmetics and beauty products to the best of their ability! Before researching for this blog I never realised just how useful some of the products I have but never use are! So Let’s take a quick look at some of the uses for some of those products!!


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10 Easy Easter Treats!

Easter is creeping up on us and why not start off this time of the year by making cute edible Easter treats to share with friends and family! I will be taking foods which require no baking as well as foods which you cook and post all links to these yummy recipes! For me, Easter is pastel colours, eggs, chocolate and springy spices so I will take these as inspiration and find recipes which mirror these! Let’s get started with these sweet Easter treats!


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10 Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration

With Mother’s Day just around the corner on 6th March here’s a few Mother’s Day gift ideas! With one week to go before the big day you have plenty of time to get organised! There will be a mixture of gifts which I will provide, at a number of different price ranges! So there’s something to suit everyone. There’s always the stereotypical flowers and a meal out which i am going to look by, I’m going to be listing some unique and sentimental gift ideas!

Let’s take a look and see what inspiration I have for you!


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10 Wardrobe Basics!

10 Things every girl needs in their wardrobe.. What’s a better way to start your Wednesday morning off, eh? I will be giving my opinion of what makes up a basic wardrobe base for day to day outfits, all these items will be versatile with many outfit styles! I will also post links to where you can find these items across several different websites! So sit back, get your cuppa, read along, maybe even have yourself an online shopping session and let’s see what we have! 6a00e551101c5488340128767181f2970c-500wi

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