Reliving the past: Geocaching!

As I mentioned in my “The beauty of Tennessee” post the other day I wrote about this activity called “geocaching” that i did with my family when I was a little younger and it bought back so many memories I was so eager to go out and try it again! So that’s exactly what I did when I realised that I could!


So some of you may still be very confused about what I actually mean by the term “Geocaching” so here is a simple summary:

An activity in which an item, or a container holding a number of items, is hidden at a particular location for GPS users to find by means of coordinates posted on the Internet.

So basically, people all around the world have hidden little boxes, over two million of them to be exact, at chosen locations and named that box and put the coordinates on the Geocashing website for people to go and find, and you wouldn’t believe just how many there are, even in your local town! So you put the coordinates into the GPS, or choose the one on your phone which you would like to find and then the device guides you in the direction in which you need to look, simple!


Keep the orange line in the middle of the black bar!

As well as having physical boxes the caches can also be monuments, for example in Florida I visited one at Universal Studios which was a piece of the Berlin wall which was hidden in a secluded part of the park!

The overall aim is to have a little box of “treasures” and then when you find the box, you take something from the box and leave something in it. These can be anything you wish, like a key chain, bouncyball or shot glass! As well as the little treasures they hold they also have a logbook in which you sign your name and the date which you found it, as well as logging you found it on the website! For me, I like doing this as it gives me an excuse to be outside, not just to go out for a walk, but to go out on a walk with a purpose!

When I was younger we had to have a special GPS device in order to actually do this activity and input the coordinates manually, however after having written my Tennessee blog and researched how to do it without the special device I found a FREE iPhone, Andorid and Windows phone app! So wherever I am in the world I can now just find where I am and see where there are some caches around me! to find out more about the activity, o the their website here.


After you log the ones you have found, they turn into a smiley face!

Here are one of the ones which I have found recently!

Encompassing the Campus: Church Wood.

Didnt take or leave anything however it did contain some treasures! Signed log book!

Church Micro 5427 …Headingley St Chads

Didnt take or leave anything, but like the other one there was treasure to be found! Also signed the log book, was very damp!

Batcliffe Walk-Small tree.

Small camo pot only big enough for a log book so no treasure to swap! Signed log book, even took Don along on this one and he signed it too!

Tiles in the woods (W Yorks)

This is a “virtual cache”, which means that it doesn’t have a box, it is like the Berlin wall I said about earlier, a monumental cache to admire. After having logged that you have viewed this kind of cache, you must message the creator with the answer to a question that they will ask about the cache, just to prov that you did find it.


Batcliffe Walk-Wrinkly Tree.

Didnt take or swap anything, but signed log book!


Batcliffe Walk-Ivy Tree

This one had very few items to swap so i decided against it, did sign the log book though!


Batcliffe Walk-Hollow Tree

Obviously this one is only bbig enough to hold a log book!

Flower Power

I have no idea how I came to find this one, it was tiny!! I did maage to sign the logbook inside. I know riht, it had a log book in!

Headingley Castle

Bog box with lots of goodies to swap, however I just signed the logbook!

Humpty Dumpty

This one had a very wet book, managed to sign it without tearing it apart though!

Hope I have inspired you to maybe start a new hobby! This is something I would enjoy doing all year round as well as a hobby I can take around with me when I am travelling! I wish I thought about it when I was back in Amsterdam over summer!!


Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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