The beauty of Tennessee

I thought I’d start this gloomy Monday morning off with a life experience post for all you lovely readers. A few years ago myself and my family spend a few days in the Great Smokey Mountain area of Tennessee, located near Gatlinburg before traveling down by car through Georgia down to Florida to spend the rest of the holiday with my grandparents on the West coast. We stayed in a small town which was very local called Pigeon Forge surrounded by mountains, forests, open roads and lots and lots of nature! Even though the state is completely land locked, I still managed to have a lot of fun there even without a beach to go and chill on!!


The green mountains of the Great Smokey Mountains are just too beautiful to put into words and you just cant explain it! I cant remember exactly in what order we did all of our activities in the few days we spent there as it was quite a long time ago but I still remember the experiences!

White water rafting

One afternoon we went white water rafting down the Big Pigeon River just outside of Gatlinburg; it was the most beautiful and thrilling  experience I have had. The thrill of gliding through the mountains being splashed by ice cold river rapids while bouncing over submerged rocks. The picturesque scenes you see are totally breathtaking. On the side of the river there are many rocks which are piled up which our guide told us was from people piling them up for good luck in life which is quite impressing. The guide also said that we could have seen bears in the forests and mountains to the side of the river however we had not been lucky enough that time to see them! Later on another day however I was lucky enough to see a mamma black bear and her cubs!

Exploring Cades Cove

Cades cove is one of the wonders of Tennessee, it is a national park located in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountain range. The range gets it’s name because of the amount of vapour the trees constantly produce all year! This an make the area of Cades Cove quite damp and groggy looking when you actually venture into the forest area however it is just incredible. People used to live in this area for hundreds of years however I remember the last person was mae to vacate and move somewhere else to the end of the 20th century and the houses, well if you can call them that, they used to live in are so minimalist as well as being hand built. Some of the houses had been kept off the ground only using piles of stones. To appreciate the full beauty of this area you really do have to experience it first hand!! This was the day that we also got to see the black bears!


When we used to go away together we went “Geocashing” which is basically a big treasure  hunt but on a global scale, you receive coordinates for “treasure” and then you follow an arrow to find it. So we used to find ourselves parking up on the side of a random road to go into the mountain area to go and look for little boxes.. Sounds crazy, but it is actually very enjoyable! And the secluded places that these coordinates would lead us to had been something else! The boxes which you get lead to have items in and the aim is to take one thing, and leave another thing, we liked to take things from the area we live and put it in boxes far away to see how far they can get!


I’ll just leave this picture of foetus Beth here..


Thanks and see you soon!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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