We found a new place to brunch!!

After trial and error me and my boyfriend have finally found the perfect place that we both like in order to enjoy a spot of brunch. We just decided one afteernoon to go and have brunch at ths new place on Otley Road in Headingley called Caffe Latte and have fallen in brunch love!!


The establishent we went to was very well priced. I ordered a gingerrbread latte for myself which was priced at £2.50 for a large, as well as getting a large they also created a very cute face on the top of the cup which reminded me of Mother Teresa or the painting               “The girl with the pearl earing” which made me smile a lot!!

Don ordered a white hot chocolate for himself which I tried and I got a little jealous, the hot chocolate was also £2.50 for a large however you could have paid £2.80 and got whipped cream and marshmallows on the side! If you did not want the cream and marshmallows, which Don did not, they decorated the drink with grated white chocolate which was absolutely divine!!

As well as having our different drinks we also ordered a plate of food to share and out of all of the varied food on the menu and all day breakfast options we chose a breakfast wrap which had in it egg cooked over easy, bacon, sausage and a hash brown with a small side salad which went down an absolute treat for both of us! the cost of the wrap was £4.50 so very reasonibly priced!

We plan to go there again tomorrow after we are finished at the Sunday servise at the local church which hapens to be just up the road from this local cafe!


Thanks and see you soon!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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