Birthday celebrations!!

The 19th April 2016 usually is a happy day however this year I had very mixed feelings about turning 20!! 20!!! Your 20s are the years where life usually ‘begins’ and I do not feel like I am prepared for that quite yet, I still enjoy Capri Suns, Ravioli in a tin, being tickled and still cannot write neatly so it still baffles me that I have actually entered my teens let alone left them!! With the sadness of turning an actual adult aside I actually had a very enjoyable set of birthday celebrations over a few of days!


Tuesday 19th April

In the morning of my birthday, my boyfriend snuck out of my room early in order to go and get me breakfast in bed, when he came back he surprised me with a full english, which I was just over the moon with and just couldnt wait to demolish!!

As I am at university I live away from home so on my birthday my sister volunteered to drive up to Leeds to take me out for luch as a birthday treat! Since my parents are away on a cruise they couldn’t join her which is sad, however we still had a great time.

She took me to the Trinity Center in Leeds where we enjoyed some hours shopping together before heading to TGI Fridays to eat up! I can never go to TGI Fridays and not have cocktails, its birthday1just not normal!! I ordered a “Red army” which was very yummy!

I ordered a starter of BBQ pulled pork potato skins with cheese and salsa which was devine, ass well as this i shared m sisters mozzerella sticks, which I am a sucker for! For my main dish I ordered a plate of fajitas which is always a winner in my opinion!! I had absolutely no room left for desert however the team over that the establishent surprised me with free cake and sang to me, which is always a bad idea!!


Thursday 21st April

On the Thursday of my birthday celebrations me and my boyfriend took the afternoon to go and relax at the spa where we enjoyed the delights of the pool, gym, steam room and sauna among many other facilities and it was so enjoyable! We did this experience at the Marriott in Leeds city center and the hotel itself is so well equipped and glam looking i really did enjoy my exerience there and would reccommend as well as go again!

After enjoying the delights the spa had to offer for more than a few hours, we went for dinner at my favourite place.. NANDOS!! It’s such a simple restaurent however it is just my absolute fave! With a few moans and grons from Don he eventually gave in and took me there, and enjoyed himself, reluctantly! I ordered my usual grilled chicken mango and lime wrap with a mixed leaf salad and don ordered 5 wings with rice and chips so of course he shared some of his sides with me!



I recieved a few peices of jewellary for my birthday which I have been struggling so hard to take them off ever sincce I got them as I am so in love!! The first necklace is a rose gold colour circle and a moon cresent which says “I love you to the moon and back” and the second is a silver set consistong of a ring, necklace and earings which I just cant bring myself to wear out quite yet!!

I loved the celebrations and it means so much to be able to celebrate with my boyfriend and sister. I feel like I will eventually get over the initial shock of turning 20, and I better do it soon because 21 is right around the corner! Where I can finally drink legally in my boyfriends home country!! Visits to America will soon get a lot more enjoyable when I can enjoy a few cocktails when out!


Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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