Review: Rebel Romantic (06) – Kiko Milano lipstick

Kiko Milano’s Intensivley Lavish Lipstick Shade Number 06/Rebel Romantic.

I had never really heard of this brand before, I just saw this shade of lipstick on Depop and fell in love. Little did I know that I had a store of their comany right by near where I live! And after having used this lipstick I can say that I will be paying a visit into the store! I have never found a lipstick quite like this one, even my MAC lipsticks that I have used have always come off in the day however this one doesnt come off, even if I have been out to eat and drink it stays in place, and does not dry my lips out!

I will be rating this product in several different areas inclusing: packaging, colour, wear and price in order to give it an overall rating out of 10, just like all of my review formats!


Packaging – 9/10

The packaging used for this is that it comes in a box, just a standard lipstick box and I like the way companies do this as it keeps the products clean and you know that they have not been tampered with. The actual lipstick packaging is a gold metal, very sturdy, this is both lid and base to the lipstick however the way the lipsick lid closes on is really quite unique; unlike most lipsticks where the lipsticks lid clicks into place, this one works on a magnet so I feel safer putting this in my bag as I know that the lid is going to stay firmly in place as it is fixed with a strong bonding magnet.


Colour – 5/10

The colour was a little hit and miss for me, the actual lipstick looks different in different lights as well as this it looks completly different when on. I ordered this one as I thought that it was a darker colour, however when I put it on it is quite a lot lighter than I thought it wouold be! Nonetheless, I do still love the colour it shows I just wish I got the darker colour which I thought I was going to get first!


Wear – 10/10

I do not have a single complaint about the wear this lipstick has! Maybe the fact that when you first put it on the texture is very soft and feels almost wet however once it dries the wear is perfect. I can happily go out all day, eating and drinking along the way, and not have to worry about this lipstick rubbing off, or eating it all up! I have to say I have never had a lipstick which wears quite like this one, and I am very excited to try some more of the colours which they have in this range! As well as staying on all day, it doesn’t dry my lips out which most all day lpsticks tend to do. I first put a base of lip balm before applying it, but my lips feel hydrated all day, even on the cold days.

Price – 8/10

This product is very good for it’s money, considering everything that has already been said there have been very few negitives, this prodict is around the £7 mark and I couldnt be happier paying that. I have paid £15+ for MAC lipsticks which have not been as effective as this one so for the price you pay you get a lot for your money, you don’t need to apply as much as it stays on for so much longer! The whole of the KIKO Milano range is at a very good price point, all of their products are quite a lot cheaper than all of their competitors and the quality is much higher!

This product has been awarded an 8/10 overall. I believe the thing that brought it down a little had to be the colour issue with it not looking the same as it did on. However if I did not buy his online I would have gone into the shop and done colour swatches to see which one I liked best Although the colour did score a little less, I am in love with the colour I chose, I just wish it looked like it did on the stick!

Thank you KIKO Milano!!


Thanks and see you again soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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