Review: Nivea eye makeup remover

I just had to review this product. It is my all time fave mak up removing product and I have convinced a lot of people to make the move to this product after showing them just how good it works! Just like all of my product reviews I will be reviewing them in 4 different categories, price, useage, looks and  durability. After I have done this I will then gibe the product an overall marking out of 10 and give my final summary and review. I have already included this product in my March‘s Maricals blog post here. *ISERT LINK*


Price – 10/10

Randing in prices over stores but at an average of £2.50 I believe that this product is very reasonabily priced! I was so happy paying that money for it and believe for the small price that it is, it is actually very, very effective!! Take a look below where you can find links to where you can find it online!

Superdrug, Lloyds, Tesco  & Boots

Useage – 10/10

I have no complaints about the way that this product works, you literally ut a squeeze of it onto a cotton wool pad and swipe across the eye and the makeup and most stubborn mascara is removed instantly! No residue under the eye either, just lifts straight off! No matter how thick the makeup has been applied. I have always struggled with eye makeup removing as wipes and liquids tend to make my eyes red and inflamed however with this product it is very gentle and soft and does not irritate my eyes! 110% reccommed this to all women of all ages who struggle like I do, a well as the people who dont!

Looks – 8/10

The two part solution to this product looks so effective, the clear and blue liquids sit perfectly on top on eachother and look so tidy when put away or displayed on a dressing table ready to use. When shaken up the soloution goes a lovely lilac colur. All around I believe that the colours look so lovely and just make the product look proffessional and eye catching when placed on store shelves. The blue colour also matches the blue colour of the Nivea logo and other branding! nivea2.jpg

Durability – 9/10

I have been using this product daily for around 2 months now and it hardly seems like I have been using any when I look at the bottle!! The different solutions are running down at the same pace which I’m happy with as I was worried one would go faster than the other. I have taken this bottle on several long trips and it has survived travelling being in a fully packed case so I am also happy about that! The screw cap aso makes me very happy as I do not need to worry about a clip cap coming off and escaping!

So overall this product has scored a 9.25/10  and it is very well deserved! I honestly can talk about this product all day and I do sometimes!! I love the use you get from it and the finish it leaves on your eyes. It removes the toughest of mascara in just one easy swipe over the eye leaving no residue under the eye.. I mean, need I say more?! Hello ladies, this is what you’ve been looking for all your life!! This product would’ve scored full marks if it wasnt let down a tiny bit by the durability of the product all over! But I hope you enjoyed the review and consider using this for yourself, I can honestly say that you will not regret it!


Thanks and see you soon!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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