Review: Rub Rub Rub, shower scrub

After having included this in my March’s Miracles blog post which you can view here, I thought this product deserved it’s own review! So Lush’s Rub Rub Rub shower scrub review, coming right up! You can view the product on Lush’s website here. As always I will be reviewing this product in several categories which include, packaging, useage, outsome and price and then I will be turning those into one overall score out of 10 for the product.


Packaging – 9/10

I love how basic the packaging for all Lush products are! They are so minimilast that it works so well, especially if you are building a collection the products all look good when stored together with the black simple tubs and pots. When stored with other itms you can easily identify this product with the bright sticker which is on all of Lush’s products showing who made it, as well as use by date. Big and bold lettering identifying the name of the product shown on the top and side allows for easy storage.

Lush also have a campaign which is if you take 5 empty product pots or tubs to a Lush store you will recieve a free face mask!

Useage – 10/10

I cannot fault the useage of this procuct! I love the way Lush’s products work on my skin. At first I was reluctant to use this as I have sensitive skin and the texture is quite coarse and rough however when mixed with water it becomes a kind of soft exfoliant so you can use it dry and get a full exfoliation or wet it a little first in your hands and have it softer. As well as having the two different exfoliation styles you can also use it in your hair to add volume and texture while you are I the shower!

Outcome – 9/10

This product leaves you with such soft skin! I noted in my March’s Miracles post that I use this mulitple times a week and each time it makes me skin softer and softer, I use it all over by body apart from my face. I can even use this in the bath which I usually do not like doing with a scrub and if it is a sandy consistency, it does not dissolve into the water so it can scratch the bottom of the bath tub. However as this is natural and a salt based solution the salt disolves and does not scratch! As it disolves it turns into a soapy bubbly consustency so when using it you get such a relaxed ecperience! Pair up with your favorite Lush soap or shower gel and you’ll feel perfectly relaxed!

Price – 8/10

At the price of Β£8.95 for 350g I believe that this is priced very well! The product has lasted me amost 2 months and I have been using ir many times a week, it does not need a lot to get a good coverage so you find that it lasts much longer. However buying this as a regular beauty product it would get pricey to use! There are other scrubs on the market that are slighly cheaper for a regular use, but these are probably acked with chemicals and unnatural ingredience, with ush at least you know that all of the procucts are at least suitable for vegitarians and 100% natural!

So that means that this product scores an overall 8.75/10 in total! Well deserved in my opinion too!

Hope you enjoyed this review and this is a product which I would reccomment to everyone! It has some so much more than I first thought it would got me, especially with the added extra of giving texture and volume to hair!


Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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