March’s Miracles!

It’s the end of the month which only means one thing! It’s time to review my monthly favorites! this is my favorite time of the month as i get to share with you what I have been loving through the month of March, as well as giving my detailed opinions on these items too! With it finally being Spring I have also been loving the Spring related posts which I have been posting! Check out my most recent posts to get up to date. But before you do that, let’s get stuck into what I have been loving this March!


  1. Nivea double effect eye makeup remover!!

I don’t even know where to start with this product.. just a simple WOW will do. I cant even believe I went through life without this and I have only just found it! The way in which this remover takes off your eye make-up is something else. I remember seeing an advert for this product on TV not long ago and it kept claiming that it wouldnt leave panra eyes if you use if over your mascara, eyeliner ans shadow ect and I never believed it, but when I tried it I was blown away.. It literally doesnt leave old makup under your eyes, and the best part is you don’t even need to try that hard to get it off! I also prefer this product to anything that I have used before as it does not irritate my eyes, or leave them red and stingy. If i could, I would give this product a 15/10! It is widely avaliable accross many chains on the high street and all at an affordable price!

Nivea eye wash

Find this product on the Boots webiste: here.

2. Simple light moisturiser!!

Way back in my “10 January Treasures” post, which you can find here, I wrote about how I was really liking the Nivea for men sensitive moisturiser. Well this product can move on over, there’s a new, more suited for my female face, lotion in my life! It’s the Simple light moisturiser. I find that this product makes my skin feel so hydrated and refreshed all day long, I apply it twice daily and it works well when I apply my foundation and other makeup products on top of it. The consistency isn’t runny nor like wallpaper paste, it’s coverage is amazing! You only need a small amount, or you’ll be rubbing your face for days! The product is widely avaliable from different drug stores as well as super markets and is on the cheaper end of prices too. Boots had it on offer for £2 when I bought it not long ago. I have always loved Simple as a brand, as I have sensitive skin I can always count on them for making a product which my face actually takes well to!! Simple skinFind it yourself on Simple’s website:  here.

3. Toni and guy heat protect spray!!

I use this product daily on wet hair before I blow dry my hair after a shower and love the way that it makes my hair feel after I dry it! It leaves my hair feeling soft and also easy to style all while protectng my hair from the heat of the products which I use on a daily basis. You can find it on the Toni and Guy website here, however I picked it up in Boots when they had a 342 on all hair care products! I have used a John Frieda heat protect before hoowever I do much prefer this one!


4. Fresh mangos!!

In my “Favoured in February” blog post which you can find here. I mentioned that I was liking dried mangos.. well guys, now I have gone up in the world! I have always loved mangos, however I have found that recently they have become part of my weekly shop, I find that they are an extrememly yummy way of getting one at least one of your reccommended 5-a-day. After i eat half of one for one serving, I am almost full and feel so refreshed! I must admit, I have always been a fan of the more exotic” fruits, rather than the bog standard apples, pears and oranges which are the sightly cheaper fruits, but I would much rather spend a little more money on something which I know I am actually going to look forward to eating! You can pick these up at any grocery store, however I do tend to get mine from Sainsbury’s and most of the time I buy them when they are on offer! So instead of buying 2 for £1.50 each, I get them for 75p each! I go on the serving suggestion that half a mango is 1 of my five a day, so I usually buy 2 a week. Mango

5. Lush’s Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar!!

I have already written a review about this product however I couldn’t rsist putting it into my March’s  Miricals! I cant express how much I love this product any more than I already have but I just can’t help myself! I have been using this product so much and I still have almost the full bar left and for the £5.95 I paid, so far it has been worth every penny and I will continue to love it. I love how it is vegetarian and not tested on animals, and also how they use hairtrade honey to get the delicious scents in it! Find the review here ADD LINK, and also the product on their website here! I can’t wait to try more of these scents that they have in the shampoo bar collection, and I might also try the conditioner bars too!


6. Lush’s Rub Rub Rub shower scrub!!

I have been using this product up to three times a week ever since I got it at the very begining of March and just love how fresh it makes my skin feel! I love using it before I get in the shower or bath and I feel like it gives me a deeper exfoliation. I prefer to use this before I go to sleep as I actually feel like it relaxes me which is odd! This scrub is lasting me a lot longer than I thought and you get such a good coverage from such a small amount of product. The good thing about this product is that it can also be used as a shampoo to to wash and volumise hair! I have not tried this yet but will have to do so soon! At a price of £8.95 for 350g I believe that it is a good rice, especially as it is long lastng! This product is all natural and also contributes to the campaign that ush run which is bring back 5 empty pots and get a free face mask! Find it on the Lush website here.


7. Tetley’s Green Tea

I have been drinking so much green tea recently and I feel luke it is really improving my shin, I feel so much more relaxed is a have a cup before I go to sleep, and also it heps with boating which I get when I eat too many carbs! It helps me feel so much more hydrated and relaxed throught the day and on the cld morings it is the perfect pick me up to get me going! I also have been drinking a green tea from Aldi however I do not always get to go to Aldi so I have to settle for Tetleys! But I am not bothered, as I actually prefer the Tetley’s tea! They also hae a green tea which is infused with mango and pasion fruit which I am very eager to try out! You can pick this up at most grocery stores and would most definitley reccommend it!


8. Therapeutic colouring book!!

I have been quite stressed and anxious this month so the best way that I found to calm myself down and have a bit of me time was to put the kettle on and make a cup of green tea, then sit down with a colouring book and colour away! The way that colouring takes away stress and anxiety amazes me, I just start a page and by the end of it I am so focused on my colouring that I just am in my own zone forgetting what I had been stressing about! The one that I have been using is Just called Creative Therapy Colouring Book, however you can get them all over, and I have even found a Harry Potter themed one which I am going to have to get next time I see it!!

9. Eyelur lashes – 116

I have been absoutely lovely these lashes sincearound the middle of march! My sister just randonly bought me a 3 pack of these lashes from Boots for £3.. £3!!!! Can you believe it! A normal one pack costs around the £5 mark, a pack of three ususlly stands at £15 but she treated me to a set of 3 for £3!! I’m not sure if its the fact that they are extremely discounted that I am loving them a lot, or just that I love how they look.. Either way! They wear so well and are so easy to apply. I wear a pair for so long, washing reguarly ofcourse! But you can wash them with ease and just apply them again! I wear these in the day and at night. Usually I wear a more natural lash than these however I put them on and just fell in love!

10. Kiko Milano’s Intensilvey lavish

I have probably already raved about this over on my Instagram far too much! But I just cant get over just how great this is! I have been wearing this almost every day through March and fall in love more every day. It stays in place all day even after I have been out for a meal or drinking. I am not even cautious about it coming off anymore I just go about my day because I know it isnt going to budge! I usually eat this before I even leave the house so it is an amazing change! The colour is great too however looks very different on as to how to does in the stick! Proper review of this product coming coming soon!!

Hope you enjoyed reading all about what I have been loving this month and maybe given some of you some inspiration!


Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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