Current workout routine!

My current workout is nothing too special, but it works for me to get me active every morning and at nights, I have been very good so far and give myself a gold star each day I do both of my workouts! Which sounds pathetic, but it really works! At the end of the month, as a treat and encouragement, I add up all the stars, convert it to pounds £ and then treat myself to the money equivalent! This could be a new pair of shoes, a dress or a meal out! This way I stay motivated to do the workouts twice a day and not be naughty and skip days.

I’m not working out to lose weight or anything like that; I am happy with my body and I am not trying to change it, I am doing it just to improve my strength and release some stress so I am not on a diet I just eat as I usually do which is still healthy, but as most of us, I do love my sweet treats! I just do my workouts in the space that I have free in my bedroom, or wherever I am at the time. I do not use the gym as I feel more motivated to work out at home and with the little equipment I have to hand I have seen more difference in myself than when I used to work out at the gym!



For my work out I do the usual arm and leg stretches that you get taught way back when. These are great and are quick and simple for me to do and do not cut into the workout time too much. Without doing them I do feel the pain and definitely regret it!

For my arms I simply bring my arm up and bend behind my head, and apply pressure with the opposite hand at the elbow, and repeat on the other arm. Then I hold my hands behind my back, one hand from the top one from the bottom and then repeat the other way.

For my legs I bring my knee up to my chest in a standing position and then hold, then switch and do it on the other side.



I really do need to invest in a yoga mat however for now I have just been using a towel for my floor based activities (Don’t worry one that I do not use!) work2

My main workout consists of HIIT (High Intencity Interval Training) circuits, and I do increase the difficulty of these workouts as I progress! I like to keep things varied so what I do every morning is wake up early and check out LWR Fitness on YouTube and choose one of the quick workouts which is area specific so I will work on one area of my body in the morning such as booty, chest or legs and I will repeat this set of exercises 3 times.

In the evenings I choose to take my time with the workout and focus on getting a more all over body workout to put me in a relaxed state a few hours before I go to bed. For these HIIT workouts I have a book of workout moves which I pick and choose from what I want to work on, in this book I have diagrams of different exercises as well as how many reps I should do for each one. And I would generally repeat this workout up to 3 times. I choose no more than 6 of the exercises to do at night time and usually make them add up to around 350 reps in total! As well as just choosing certain moves to use in my workouts, I have also made my own routines of the moves which I feel benefit myself most, so if I am feeling motivated enough I will also do one of these as an extra to the normal pick and mix workouts! (These days count as 2 gold stars!)

I incorporate the use of a 2kg weight into some of my routines such as squats and lunges as this makes my muscles work harder and I love challenging myself as I do these workouts to make my body work harder!


For my cool down I do a mixture of basic yoga positions to make sure that my body is calmed nicely after a workout, while still getting a last minute stretch in. For this I mix it up and use a random YouTube yoga channel and do one of the beginner’s videos, so that I do not do the same yoga positions all the time, that’s one way I stay motivated, with variation! If I was to do the same things over and over I would not enjoy it and wouldn’t look forward to working out!

Hope you liked this week’s Wednesday post! I enjoy sharing my lifestyle choices on here to educate you of different ways to work your day, such as this as well as my other posts like my monthly favourites and nail polish colours that I am liking!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx 



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