10 Nail polish colours

Every girl loves to pamper themselves and paint their nails all the time, I dont know how we dont get bored of it already! So here are 10 of my all time favorite nail polish colours and nail looks for the Spring season! You will most definitley see a trend in my favorite nail polish brands too..! I finish off all of my nail polish looks with Sally Hansen’s clear nail polish which is avaliable here.

In order to paint my nails, I hate it when I am constantly worrying about knocking my bottle over when I am moving my hands, so I have a super handy contraption which allows me to paint my nails care free!! The domed shape with a foam pocket to put a bottle of nail polish takes this stress away of remembering where I put my bottle!! Let’s dive right into this colour journey!a2

  1. Jessica’s SKY HIGH

Words can’t even describe my love for this shade of polish! I am obsessed with this colur, it is kind of a duck egg mxed with blutac.. which doesn’t sound the best colour in the world, but believe me this colour on is perfect for Spring! It’s a pastel base which is just so fitting with my skintone too, this time of year i always appear paler so opting for a lighter shade of nail polish complements my skin tone! I usually style it over all of my finger nails however on the rin finger I put a thin coat of glitter over to give it an extra bit of sparkle!

Find this colour on amazon here!

2. Barry M Classic’s – DIAMOND

This is the glitter polish which I always put on top of any block colour which I may be using. It goes with and over just about any brand and stye of nail polish and it is always something which will be used in my nail polish designs! Priced at only £2.99 this item is a definite steal!


Find it for yourself on the Barry M website here!

3. No7 Gel look shine – NEPTUNE

I used this nail polish along side a  yellow on my ring fingers. This Neptune colour is a lot different to the bottle but I still adore it! In the bottle the colour looks more like a light grey however when put on my nails it turns almost dark navy/black sort of colour! With the slight pop of colour coming from the yellow it makes your hands stand out from the crowd!

 4. Barry M Classic’s – LEMON

I bought this colour just over a year ago to do one star on top of a christmas tree nail design which I did and I never thought that I would be using it again! However I found a new love for this colour recently when I paired it with the No7 Neptune colour previously listed, these two together just subtly stand out this tine of year and the lemon pop definitely gives the nails a Sping-ey vibe to them!

5. No7’s – DEEP WINE

I love this colour!! It looks like a very deep colour on the surface however when you look at it up close it is actually quite a light and shimmery colour without being over glittery. The subtle shimmer is perfect for the night time in the Spring moths as it is still quite chilly out so a dark colour is perfect! Thos colour is so very easy to apply and wears very well. No7 is one of the best, well prices brands for nail polish that I have found and I will continue to support their products!

6. Sally Hansen – SUGAR CRUSH

I love this colour, especially this time of the year! It isa very pale pink with glitter tones mixed in. The only bad thing about this polish is that it takes quite a few coats to actually build up a colour so that you cannot see the nail undereath it. Apart from that is it a very good polish! The paint doesn’t chip or peel off and considering you have to put a few layers on and it is slightly slittery it comes off with such ease!

7. No7 – SUN RAYS

This colour is one whoch I would never usually pick up myself, however it came in a set I bought and I actually love the colour combinations I use it with! It just adds an extra sass to a nail design. I usually choose to wear it with a purpley shade as I believe that the complement eachother well! The glitter itself is quite big bits so it can be a little difficult to remove but always comes off with a little more rubbing than usual!


To be honest I have n idea how I came to have this in my posession! However it is one of my favorite nail polishes!  The colour is a pinky purpely colour which is so easy to brush on. When it dries it creates a kind f matte effec which I like, however always turns glossy when I apply m top coat to it, which I do prefer! This is one of the colours which I have been using along with my glittery gold!

9. Barry M’s – BLUE DREAM


This colour is very much lke my “Sky High” by Jessic, however much much lighter. It just reminds me of Cinderella so I love to but a coat of glitter over this colour sometimes.It looks great this time of year and also applies so well as well as being easy to remove, chippage is not likely!!

10. No7’s – DAMSON DREAM

This is quite a deep colour purple however it does have slight hints of a metallic glittery tone to it too which I love. I also like to pair this colour with the glittery gold as it is a deep purple shade I believe they complement each other very well! The colour was a little older than I first thought, so before applying it I just added a drop of nail polish remover to freshen it up a little and make it a little less gooey, I find that by doing this it makes it easier to apply too.

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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