10 Easy meals for egg lovers 

If you like eggs then this post is perfect for you! Eggs are such an easy item to cook with and the possibilities are endless to what you can do with them! As a stuudent I find that eggs are always in my fridge as they are filling, healthy and they last a while! I will be listing different ways in which you can use eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the occasional dessert! All of these recipes will be easy to follow as well as cost friendly! index.jpg

  1. Quinoa scrambles eggs!!

This recipe is quick and easy to make in literally less than 15 minuets! I’d say this can be eaten for lunch or dinner however the recipe serves 2 so it could be both! Or if you are meal planning this could could for 2 days worth of lunches. Made with only fresh  ingredients this dish is 100% vegetarian friendly! Find the recipe here and have a go for yourself, I know I will be! This website has all of the nutritional information about the dish which you have cooked, and the calorie count too!a1.jpg2. Baked breakfast!!

This recipe is perfect if you live with your family, or with a group of friends as it promotes sharing! This super cool way to make sure everything in a fry up is cooked to perfection.. cook it all together! I love the idea of this recipe and will have to try it at some point in the near future! One pot dishes are the best as they save on washing up! As well as this dish being for sharing, you could cut down the ingredients needed and make it just for one. Find the recipe here and let me know if you try it for yourself! a2.jpg3. Egg drop noodle soup!!

There’s just something about noodle soup that is so relaxing and warming however it never feels like it fills me up, I bet if I padded it out with an egg it would fill me up a lot more! This unique way to use eggs in a meal is quick and cheap to make! Check out the recipe here and test it for yourself! The recipe is so easy to follow and this sounds like a dish which is oing to be so flavourful! If you do make too much of this for yourself, it is freezable! The yeild is 6, so if you are meal planning keep this dish in mind! a3.jpg4. 2 ingredient pancakes!!

I have already spoken about the 2 ingredient pancakes in my “10 easy Easter treats!” blog post, which you can view here. However, how could I not post them here for an easy egg meal that is healthy! I cant actually remember where I got this idea from I found it a while ago and the recipe is just super easy:

  1.  Mash a banana
  2. Whisk eggs and add them into the banana mixture and mix until combined.
  3. Add in any spices which you would like, eg cinnamon, honey, ginger ect.
  4. Pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture onto a frying pan and cook for 2 minuets each side. Before you flip it, feel free to add in chocolate chips or nuts in at this point for extra taste!

And just flavour however you wish! These are best wen they are straight off the frying pan as they are hot so leave no room for cool down! To make them a little fluffier you can also ass in a pinch of baking powder!a4.jpg5. Crunchy cinnamon french toast!!

I am a sucker for all things cinnamon so how could I scroll past these without posting them in here?! Super easy recipe to follow and a quick meal at either breakfast or lunch! Find the recipe which I used here and tell me what you think!a5.jpg

6. Egg white omlette!!

If you are on a health kick and love eggs then check out this recipe here. Egg white omlettes are just as tasty as the normal omlettes however they do not contain as much cholesterol. Spice them up however you want with different vegetables and spices! A simple easy to follow recipe which contains lots of details in how to make this delicious dish! a6.jpg7. Pavlova!!

This dessert is perfect for this Spring time! Using raspberries and pistachios makes the dessert look so festive for this time of the month. You make this recipe by using just the egg whites as one of the main  ingredients is meringue! One of my fave dessert bases! Find the easy recipe which I have found here!a78. Cinnamon Creme Anglaise!!

The perfect drizzle for fresh fruit this Spring time! Use those left over yolks from the pavlova to make this snack! This can be kept in the fridge for up to three days after making so it stays fresh for further use! Find the recipe I used for when I made it here! With very few ingredients this is the perfect snack, breakfast option or dessert!!a99. Superfood egg salad!!

Everything abut this dish appeals to me! The colours, the fact that it’s vegetarian and it’s good for you! Find the beautiful recipe here where I found it! I can’t wait to make this dish in the near future!! I can see this big bowl of goodness filling me up at lunch, dinner or even as a snack! a910. Mini ham and cheese fritatas!!

This recipe is so cheap and simple! The cook time is said to be 10minuets and I know as soon as I put these bad boys in the oven that those 10 minuets will feel like a lifetime waiting for this yummy dish! I think that this dish would work best as a breakfast item however as a snack or lunch with a piece of fruit, how it is styled below, would fill me up too! If you are meal planning this way of cooking meals is convienant as you can make a few to eat over a couple of days! Check out the recipe here! a10.jpg

Thats all for today’s eggs-traviganza! Writing this post has made me incredibly hungry for eggs now! Hope I have inspired your taste buds into trying some of these delicious looking recipes!! My fave has to be the egg drop noodle soup or the superfood egg salad! Let me know what you think in the comments and share with friends!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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