Exploring Iceland

Very few places come close to the natural beauty that is Iceland. I have been lucky enough to experience this facinating country first hand and see all that it has to offer, experiences such as walking on a glacier, exploring black sand beaches and swimming in the blue lagoon! All of the activities which i carried out in my time in Iceland I will always remember because they are all sites which I had never experienced before and so different to the sites that you see around where I’m from! All of the natural land formations in this treasured country are anough to take your breath away, you never get tired of looking at the scenes this beautiful place has to offer!

Iceland flag

The Blue Lagoon

We start the travel journey off in Reykjavik where our first stop was the infamous Blue Lagoon, one of the 25 wonders of the World apparently! Most people have heard of the Blue Lagoon as it is one of the World’s natural hot springs and a very popular tourist destination and I can see why! Not only is the pool which you relax in so warm it works wonders for your skin! The lagoon’s geothermal seawater flows from volcanic sinkholes 2000 meters within the earth, emerging at the surface enriched with algae, silica, and minerals. The Blue Lagoon have their own skin care ranges too taking the science behind the Blue Lagoon and creating formulas for you to take away with you so you can have that natural nourishment at home!

These elements give the seawater its beneficial powers and provide the patented, natural ingredients for Blue Lagoon skin care.

Born of more than two decades of pioneering research, our products are harvested by way of a zero waste process and adhere to the highest mandates of eco-friendly sustainability. Likewise, they are vegan and cruelty-free.


Geothermal energy

Did you know that in Iceland they don’t grit the roads? Hard to believe considering how cold it is there right, however with the extencive use of geothermal energy, pipes which run under thr roads generate enough heat to keep the roads from icing up! Which brings me onto my next tourist destination, a geothermal powerplant. Here I learnt all about the geothermal eergy which the country uses in order to get heat and electrivity to the homes of Iceland! And we even got to go up on to the top of the power staton to get a 360 degree view of he city which was pretty impressive!

Waterfall tours

How many waterfalls? So many waterfalls! I would love to give you the names of the ones I visited, but with it being a few years ago, the difficult Icelandic language and my bad memory it just isn’t possible! None the less, you can see each waterfall has it’s own unique looks, much like a finger print. I find it amazing how different each one is individual. The one which appears smaller and skinnier had a bridge leaing to it so we walked right up to it and stood on a rock under it as the water that has travelled down mountains and volvanos falls on to you! You could get so close to these amazing formations it is simply incredible! One of the waterfountains we visited, the more slopier and rocky one, is said to have a rainbow forming in the mist which is created all year round, having the bad luck I do however it did not appear when I visited! (Much like the Northern lights not making an appeatence either!).

Glacier walks

Visiting and walking on a glacier is somthing which I will always remember too, and not for a good reason! While making our journey up to the glacier there was several poles sticking up in the dirt for quite a while and our tour guide informed us that the poles where marks in which the glacier had been 5/10/15 years ago at that point, and with global warming it had just mented away to the block of ice we where able to walk on! I have seen with my own eyes just how much this huge natural structure has deteriated in just 20 years, it must have been around a mile in which it had melted back, shocking. None the less, walking on aglacier was a cool experience! with the constant melting of the ice it has made a permenant water stream running underneath it, which flows into a kind of natural made shallow lake at the bottom of the glacier, which makes for some very soggy terrain!

Exploring Reykjavík 

We spent an afternoon exploring the sites which Reykjavík city center has to offer, including its world famous Hallgrímskirkja church, which is the most beautiful church I have ever seen. The sze on the outside of this amazing building is amazing and the inside is decorated to purely and gracefully painted all white and the high curved ceilings are so pleasing to the eye!

The statue, which was designed by Alexander Stirling Calder was a gift from the United States in honour of the 1930 Alþingi Millennial Festival, commemorating the 1,000th anniversary of the establishment of Iceland’s parliament at Þingvellir in 930 AD.

As well as the church, we also saw some Iceandic homes and shops and artwork! While visiting here we ate in a restaurant which had a count up of the residence of Iceland, and we where lucky enough to see a birth! When there is a birth in the country in this restaurent they ring bells and everyone cheers while a new number is placed on the counter!

Visiting black sand beaches

Black sand beaches where something I never though even existed until I walked on one! In the very windy and very rainy conditions I did stil manage to enjoy myself, just! I’m not all for horrid weather however I was willingly out in the cold and wet o look at this marvelous beach, something which I had never experienced before. Seeing the rock formations in the sea was amazing too. As well as standing on the edge of cliffs looking down at the beaches from heights. The pictures are very dull and boring in greyscale colours yes, but just look how beautiful it is!

Cave exploration!

As well as looking at the black sand beaches from the top of a cliff, we also climbed up to a cave and looked at them from further away and the scenes you see whenn you are high up in a cave is amazing.. apart from the fact you have to hike up a mountain to get into!! But the scenes all make it worth it.

Walking through a geyser field

Geysers are an amazing part of the natural world, and walking through a field of them was amazing, I kept getting scared every time one would randonly set itself off near me 50ft into the air! scary, however so interesting and captivating! I even managed to see Geysir, Iceland’s most famous geyser, errupt into the sky!


Standing on the plates

Another site which we visited while in Iceland was the European and North American plate boundary, where a bridge crosses a small canyon on ash and rubble from the European plate to the North American plate. Apparently these two plates move apart each year! Some people had taken an idea from a bridge in Paris and put a lock onto the bridge, however it was the oly one there but if I knew that I was going to be visiting there I would have taken a lock too!

Lunch in a volcano

Before leaving for the airport to go home we stopped fr lunch in a volcano! This was a weird experience, it wasnt a very high one so climbing up to it’s peak was quick and easy and so rewarding to see the view when we got to the top! The perfect end to the trip, and to refuel!


So there are just some of the things that I got up to in Iceland a couple of years ago this has to be one of the best experiences I have had as I learnt so much while I was there and saw so much that I would have never have been able to if I didnt take a trip there! I am so blessed to have seen the wonders that are in Iceland and be able to share these experiences with you. Below are just a few more pictures of scenes I saw while I was there and I hope you enjoyed this life experience post today!


Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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