10 Different uses for cosmetics and beauty products!

Have some old cosmetics that you no longer use? Or just get left at the bottom of your make up bag? Here is the answer you’ve been waiting for, here you will see ways in which you can use your old or unused cosmetics and beauty products to the best of their ability! Before researching for this blog I never realised just how useful some of the products I have but never use are! So Let’s take a quick look at some of the uses for some of those products!!


  1. Blusher!!

Not only is blusher perfect for giving your cheeks some colour you can aso apply it to your chin and forhead to add colour too! This is perfect if you have pale skin; it just adds a little extra colour! As well as adding colour to your face you can also use this to blend in tanlines which seems quite illogical! But just grab a big blusher brush and apply it to your tanlines until they’re fully blended! Not only this but it is perfect for covering up scars and pimples too!


2. Hairdryer!!

A hairdryer’s main purpose is obviously to dry your hair however if you get out the shower in a rush and need to get ready quickly the worst thing to see is a fogged up mirror! Just simply put your hair dryer on the hottest heat setting and blow it all over your mirror! It will be defogged in no time! a2.jpg

3. Straighteners!!

Straighteners are wonderful things with lots of uses! One of which is obviously to straighten your hair, however you are also able to easily curl it too! In my “BaByliss curl secret” review post, which you an view here, I said that I tend to use this method if I am in a rush! I love the look this gives the hair as some of the curls are bigger and some are more dropped out, it just looks like a natural curl look! Below you will see the technique used to easily create a curled look with straighteners! The ones I use are Corioliss C2 and can be found on Salon Services’s website here. As well as doing your hair with them they are also useful for flattening shirt collars and ironing out creases in clothing if you are in a rush!

4. Eye shadow brushes!!

Those old eyeshadow brushes that come with pallettes finally have a use! I never found these useful for applying eyeshadow which is why I opt to use brushes and throw away that little foam on a stick! Just paint the end of the foam brush and dab it on your nail to create an ombre effect! Super easy and simple!

5. Hair conditioner!!

As well as making your hair super soft, using conditioner as a substitute to shaving cream makes your legs super soft! Ever since trying this I will never use shaving cream again. It’s just one product which you dont need to buy anymore. a1

6. Lip balm!!

If whenever you are shaving your legs and you manage to cut yourself, apply some lipbalm to the cut! As well as reducing the bleeding this will also help the cut heal faster and reduce the visibility of a possible scar which may be left by the cut! a2

7. Primer!!

Primer has many different uses including correcting stray eyebrows, defining winged eyeliner but a couple of the obscure uses which I have found are anti-static-ing tights! Rub a little primer on your tights where your skirt or dress tends to stick and it will take away the static.. crazy right!! You can also make powder eye shadows into creams with a primer, just mix the two together and apply as normal! This will ensure that the eyeshadow stays in place for a long time as it is ready mixed with the primer. a3.jpg

8. Baby oil!!

Baby oil isn’t just for babies! It works as an excellent polisher! Use this cheap product as an alternative for wood and leather polisher! Other uses for this include a stainless steel cleaner and this is also a useful alternative for shaving cream! Everywhere sells this product however the cheapest place which I have found it in is the 99p store!a4.jpg

9. Old mascara!!

You can always go and buy dry mascara brushes to tame your eyebrows, however if you have an old mascara you no longer use or are planning on throwing away, why not wash the brush off with plenty of soap and water and use that instead? It’s cheaper and a super easy way to recycle your old makeup! a7

10. Clear nail polish!!

Clear nail polish has so many more uses than you’d think! If a clear nail polish is past its nail usage, add a few drops of nail polish remover into it and shake it up, this will make it less gloopy! It may not be up to putting on nails, however for simple things such as fixing holes in tights so they don’t get bigger, or coating the inside of cheap rings to make sure they don’t stain your fingers it’s perfect!Β  a8Thats all I have for the 10 different uses for beauty products and cosmetics! These are really simple and easy life hacks really and give new life to your aging products you may no longer use daily! Feel free to check out my other posts if you liked this one and share it with friends and pass on the knowledge!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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