Weekend in Amsterdam

Thought i’d spice up the blog a little with a post which isn’t a “10 things“, who would’ve thought it! So waaaay back in September when I had just got back from America me and Don took a trip to Amsterdam! We decided back in June time that we where going to take a trip as we had had a lot of time apart with him being back in the US for summer, then me working everyday which meant that when he was back in the UK we couldn’t see eachother much. So we decided on Amsterdam because it is somewhere where I had never been before and was really keen to go and visit, however Don had spend a short time there last March so it wasnt completly alien to him! I’ve decided to share what we got up to on that weekend and also share a few pictures which I took on my travels.. The pictures I took do not even do this city justice, it’s something that you have to experience first hand!IMG_4788

This was was one of my favorite life experiences I have had so far in my young life! And Amsterdam will have a special place in my heart after I witnessed it’s beauty in person. The long weekend in September was the perfect time to go as it wasnt to cold, nor too hot! The weather resembled something like a cold Spring day here which made it very enjoyable! index

We stayed at the “hotel ibis Schiphol Amsterdam Airport” which is right by the airport, quite obvious looking at the name, and would recommend this hotel to anybody that was planning a trip to Amsterdam! The hotel was quite far from the city center however with a free shuttle bus to the hotel every half an hour until the am, then regular trains into Amsterdam Centraal from the airport and back until the early hours it was the perfect hotel! Away from the nightlife husstle and busstle of the city! We both had a 4 day travel pass which was 25euros and allowed you to ride on any of the city transport which was such good value!! Made getting back to the hotel easy as anything!

As we has the facility of the trains and shuttle busses running until late we took advantage of this and woke up later in the day and went into the city around 1pm when the weather is at it’s peak for the afternoon and had adventures thrugh the afternoon and evening! We thought this was better for us as we would feel like we had to stay there all day and night if we went to the city in the morning.

The amount of food that we must have consumed while being there was unreal!! The amount of dessert bars we walked by was madness! We did make a couple of pit stops in some of them! For our meals we mainly ate out and sound a place to grab a sandwich or something, we found a good Chinese place which we really liked eating at and it was a really good price range too! As our hotel did not come with a food package we did tend to eat out when we eplored the city in the day, and just take snacks and thing back to the hotel to have for the evening and breakfast the next day! As well as the Chinese place found we also found a nicely tucked away pizza place which we immediately fell in love with! Pizzas the size of the table and it always had a goof vibe around it in there!

We spent the majority of our days exploring new parts of the city that we hadn’t seen before just going and getting lost, however with our travel cards we bought it was so easy to fnd our way back, just hop on a tram or train and it will take us right back to where we began the journey, for us just to do it again! A couple of museums where visited in our time there which was interesting! We met a couple of people along these explorations which we tagged along with for a short while too so it was nice to talk to other people while being there.

The only thing that I will say I didn’t like about this city was just how closed in it made me feel! In the streets in the city the buildings are so high and streets so narrow and long they feel like they are never going to end, it did make me feel a little uneasy and panicky as I couldnt see past these huge buidings, but every now and then there was a break in the streets where the canals flow through the streets so I like to take my time on these bridges to calm myself down and take in the sites! One time when we where looking down at the canals there was a hen party on a boat, singing at the tops of their lungs! The things you see in this city is crazy!

Which brings me onto the next topic.. The red light district! Nothing can prepare you for the sights that you see down here.. This place at night, in the small streets was the scariest place that I have ever walked down! You would walk past the bollards and lights to warn you what you are entering and the streets and lined with windows with women in them trying to coax you into joining them, opening the doors and looking right at you.. I just didnt like it at all, but it did make me laugh seeing the happy jolly men walk out of them! I did prefer seeing the women in the windows, rather than seeing a curtained off window, not knowing what was going on behind!

In this area of the city at night you risk your life if you are caught with your phone out! If pimps catch you taking pitures of their women they will not hesitate to throw your phone into the canal, they believe that their women should be respected, which is hard to believe considering what they do in the public eye.


This was my first exerience flying with KLM and i was pleasently surprised! The flights where cheap for the time that we went, and the airport that we flew from, Leeds/Bradford, is around a 15minute drive from where we live which is so handy! It is quite bad living this close to the airport if you arent going away, planes flying over ever 30 minuets gets tedious! IMG_4788

None the less! The flight was smooth, surprising flying over the North sea, and didnt take long at all and we even got little snacks on the plane! We bought just the one check in bag a couple of days before we where due to fly as we realised that 2 hand luggages was pushing it with the stuff that we took, so we shared a suitcase, it was only around £12 each way so it was no bother! Would rather pay that and know that I can pack what I want without having the restriction and worry if it will be under the weight limit, or the right sized case! It was strange travelling with somebody who doesnt have an EU passprt, it was a lot of waiting round as we had to go through the two different security lines for the different passports, I never even thought about that happening until it happened!

While I was there I used to take a hoody in a backpack which I wore all the time, I found that a tshirt was enough for in the daytime however i did keep the jumper just incase it turned chilly in the evening times. The backpack I took was just a striped cloth sac bag which I have had for a long time! It came in useful here as it was just the right size for all of the items which I carried around with me. I walked around in the day in either my Nike Roshes or high top converse, I found these both so comfortable to walk around in the city all day.


Admitedly there was so much more that I wanted to see and experience so I am going to have to take another trip there at some point in the future! But I am so glad that I have seen it atleast once in my life!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx




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