10 Easy Easter Treats!

Easter is creeping up on us and why not start off this time of the year by making cute edible Easter treats to share with friends and family! I will be taking foods which require no baking as well as foods which you cook and post all links to these yummy recipes! For me, Easter is pastel colours, eggs, chocolate and springy spices so I will take these as inspiration and find recipes which mirror these! Let’s get started with these sweet Easter treats!


  1. Chocolate and spice hot cross buns!!

This recipe comes straight off the BBC Good Food website which is a very handy website to look at if you are looking for an easy and quick recipe to use for a meal! They also give the calorie cound and nutritional inforation on each recipe which also makes it easy to fit a recipe round your dietary needs. These chocolatee and spice hot cross buns just sound so festive for this time of year! Find the recipe here, and let me know if you try them! r1

2. Shredded Wheat nests!!

Who hasnt mad these at some point in their life? I remember making these either at primary school or Brownies at this time of the year! Such an easy to make and yummy Easter treat!! Again, this recipe is from the BBC Good Food website and you can find it here, where all of the nutritional information is given.


3. Homemade Cadbury creame egg!!

Who doesn’t like the idea of making their own Cadbury’s creame eggs?! One of the most iconic chocolates of Easter time, everyone eagerly waits for the day when they see these bad boys go on sale.. Then one day they just vanish! Now you can make them all year round! With the simple recipe here, which I found on NotWithoutSalt which has easy to follow picture instructions, you will be able to eat Cadbury’s creame eggs until you burst all year! r34. Chick marshmallows!!

These are just the sweetest and simplest Easter treat! I cant imagine I am going to get through the Easter period withough trying to make these! Too cute to resist, I found this recipe here, feel free to check it out!r4.jpg5. Easter pancakes!!

Pancake day ha just been and gone for this year but why not carry it on into the Easter period? I found recently a healhy pancake recipe with just 2 ingredience which is super easy to make!

  1.  Mash a banana
  2. Whisk eggs and add them into the banana mixture and mix until combined.
  3. Add in any spices which you would like, eg cinnamon, honey, ginger ect.
  4. Pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture onto a frying pan and cook for 2 minuets each side. Before you flip it, feel free to add in chocolate chips or nuts in at this point for extra taste!

To make them Eastery take a look at the pictures below for inspiration on how to decorate them! You can make these sweet, or savory it jusst depends on your taste preference. These are also super healthy, being low fat and high protein these are always a good breakfast option for me!

6. Flapjacks!!

Coming straight from Jamie Oliver’s website so you know these are going to be delicious! Flapjacks are the ultimate Easter basket filler and super easy to make with little preporation needed. Check out the recipe here. Much like the BBC Good Food website, Jamie Oliver’s also has the nutritional break down of eah recipe per serving size so you will know if this recipe fits in with your dietry needs!r57. Egg nest cookies!!

No bake items are the best items to bake, you get to taste them sooner! No waiting for them to cool down nonsence, just get stuck right in! These egg nest cookies just remind me of baking when I was a kid, easy simple and tasty! I found this recipe on Six Sisters Stuff and you can check it out here. They also have easy to follow images which go along side the instructions just to make the making process easy as possible for you! r68. Creame egg chocolate fondants!!

This recipe serves 4 and is so simple and easy! Creame eggs are a major key to the Easter period why not mix up the ways in whch you consume them! this chocolate fondant is the perfect way to do that and following the easy Good Food recipe here you can’t go wrong! You could even encorporate the home made Creame eggs into this recipe which i have already put under number 3 on this post!


9. Easter egg biscuits!!

I love these types of recipes because much like the Easter pancakes, once you have your r8base you can be free to decorate how you like! With these easy to make biscuits once you have them you can dcorate them all sorts of ways and with the crafty cracked open effect they are super cute with plenty of decoration ideas! Check out the pictures below for some inspiration and check out the recipe here!

10. Mini egg cake!!

And finally! Nothing says it’s Easter more than a mini egg covered cake! And this recipe is the simplest and quickest way to create a mini egg masterpiece! You dont even ave to cover the whole cake in the eggs, you coud just put a decoration covering part of it, such as a carrot, or egg shape it’s completly up to you! Fine the recipe here on the Good To Know website!r9

So that’s all the 10s we have for this week! All of these yummy recipes are really getting me in the mood for Easter and the chocolate that comes with it!! I’m definitley going to have to try some of these recipes out before Easter and give my verdict! Feel free to check out my other posts and share with your friends!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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