Favored in February!

It’s the end of the month which means one thing! It’s my affordable monthly favourites! 10 of the things which I have been loving the most in February! These are a wide variety of things, as always, so I hope you enjoy what I have been enjoying this month too!


  1. Chocolate!!

As it has been Valentine’s Day this month I have found myself in chocolate heaven! With my brilliant boyfriend buying some of my fave choccies he has definitely been in the good books! The Ferrero Rochers he bought be didn’t last long however! They have been one of the most favoured things this month, and wh could blame be? Ferrero Rocher are some of the best nutty chocolates out there for nut lovers like myself!Impulse_Core_Range.jpg

2. BuzzFeed’s Youtube channel!!

I have been enjoying every video that this channel has put up this month! Having found this channel around half way through February and subscribed for more, I have found that they upload several interesting and factual videos a day! There is something that will take everyone’s attention and they are all done in kind of a typical BuzzFeed comical format.

They also put out stories which people have submitted, so you get to learn about people interesting lives. An example would be that they uploaded a video following a journey of a teenage girl who made the transition into becoming a man. Find their channel for yourself here, and check out their playlists!photo.jpg

3. St. Ives face exfoliant!!

For the price of this product, it is amazing! It is just under £5 in most stores that I have seen it in! This product leaves your skin feeling silky soft and nourished! The smell is so refreshing as well as the texture being gentle on the skin. I usually use the product with a face cloth using warm water an after drying my face off apply some of the Nivea moisturiser I spoke about in my “10 January Treasures” post which you can find here. After having used this product and used the non-oily moisturiser I find that my foundation and powder sit so much better on my face than before when I was just using a daily wash product, not an exfoliant regularly. I do only use this product a couple of times a week as I do not want to over-exfoliate! I used to exfoliate my face every other week or so however i am much more liking this new routine I have started this month. But for my every day face routine I just use a basic Simple face wash and apply the same technique for use. 10147319

Just a tip for you for future reference! I never knew this before a few months ago and always did this before, it is bad for your skin to wash your face in the shower!! I didn’t realise that was possible! Apparently the high temperature and pressure in the shower dilutes the blood vessels in the face and will leave it red and irritated, you can read more in a Marie Clare article here. So in the future, make sure to do it in the sink with a face cloth to protect your face!

4. Rimmel London’s lipstick lock!!

I have been wearing lipstick almost everyday throughout February and before I found this product I used to always find myself constantly reapplying lipstick! Even with my good quality lipsticks like MAC I still felt like I needed to keep putting more on through the day. My sister told me about this product a couple of months ago and after recently purchasing it I have fallen in love! This lipstick lock is a clear colourless liquid that you paint over the top of any lipstick and it will stay on all day! No need to reapply which means that you save so much more lipstick!

The product is amazing however the taste, not so much! When you put it on it taste and smells a little like nail polish remover however after it dries this then fades away. The thought of putting something that close to my mouth that smells like that scares, it makes me think that it is bad for my body, however with further research I found out that it is fine for me! Just a little unpleasant until it dries! If you wanted to look at this product more it is available from Boots here.index

5. Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream!!

The cold weather season is still among us which means a number of things, one of which is the fact that my hands get so dry! However with my Crabtree an Evelyn hand cream that I have it is perfect for this time of year. I have several different scents and they all work wonders for my hands! The texture is not too think that I need to work it in for ages and the coverage is really good you only need a little pea sized amount for both hands. The looks of the packaging is luxurious and like a metal material so you can push from the bottom and the product stays near the cap, so you know when you are running low.

I have a set of the hand creams and there are lots of different scents in the set which can be seen here. I do not have the one on this link, this is the nearest one I could find, however if you are interested in looking more at the scents that they do, the Crabtree and Evelyn website is here. logo

6. Trident Splash gum in peppermint!!

I used to use this all the time when I was in school and then found a different gum which I liked so I haven’t used this is ages. Recently rekindling my love for this I forgot just how much I liked it! The flavour lasts a very long time and it is refreshing. It doesn’t seem to go hard in the packet like other chewing gums which I have used before and it is just a handy size to keep in your bag.images

7. Dried mangos by Sainsbury’s!!

These are the perfect snack for me! I find that one pack will last me a few days, I usually put these in a tub and put them in my handbag as an on the go snack if i go anywhere. They are healthy for you and extremely addicting!! I have been eating the Sainsbury’s ones however in most supermarkets they should sell them!! You can find the Sainsburys ones on their website here.0000001583328_L

8. IKEA Clock!!

I saw a clock when I was shopping in IKEA a while back and just thought it was such a nifty design! I have recently put batteries in it and now think it is even cooler! This clock is in the shape of a square and has a different function for each side that you place it down on! There’s a setting for time, timer, alarm and even temperature. The clock function has the date, month, year AND day displayed on it! But wait, there’s more!!

When you change the setting, the display glows a different colour! Aaah, the little things in life! Considering this was only around £4 it is actually a really well functioning clock!! I have one of these in my bedroom at uni, and also we have one for the kitchen at home, it is very useful when you are cooking with the timer function and just small enough to fit on any bedside! Find it here on there website and take a look for yourself!klockis-clock-thermometer-alarm-timer-white__0246222_PE385334_S4

9. ELIE SAAB Le Parfum!!

This perfume I love to wear in the night! When I am out and about in the evening I like to mix up my perfume and not wear my usual perfume which is PRADA Candy, this Elie Saab perfume is more of a sweet fruity scent and it’s just somehing I prefer in the night as it is a little bit stronger than my choice for the day time. However I do not have this in a travel sizd so I cant take it on the go!! This is something which bugs me as I like to take the perfume that I am wearing along with me in my bag so i can top up if I need to! You can view this perfume on the All Beauty website here. I have been mixing my perfume up a lot more now than I used to this time last year, I just stuck to one and I wore it all the time, but I am much more liking wearing different scents depending on what I am doing or when I am out!633135

10. Maybelline NY’s Master Sculpt!!

I have used quite a few different contouring products and none have really wored for me until I found this one! it is priced under £7 and comes in different shades too. It is easy to apply and doesnt clump in patches on your face. The highlighter it comes with is nt overly shiney so it still looks natural! I apply the sculpting dark colour on the indents under my cheek bones, on my forehead and under my jaw a little with my real tecniques contour brush, even though it comes with a small brush, and it just gives a natural look. I like how the size of it is good for on the go as it fits in any small makeup bag I take with me! You can view it on Feel Unique’s website here, where you can also get a 15% off your first order if you sign up to their email alerts!Maybelline_Master_Sculpt_Contouring_1440579068.png

Thats it for my February faves!! There was so many more products I have been using this month but as always, I only choose 10!! Hope you found some inspiration from this month’s favourites and maybe found a few new beauty products you could try or a new snack to munch on!

Hope you all enjoyed the extra day that we got given to us this year as it is a leap year!!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx



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