10 Wardrobe Basics!

10 Things every girl needs in their wardrobe.. What’s a better way to start your Wednesday morning off, eh? I will be giving my opinion of what makes up a basic wardrobe base for day to day outfits, all these items will be versatile with many outfit styles! I will also post links to where you can find these items across several different websites! So sit back, get your cuppa, read along, maybe even have yourself an online shopping session and let’s see what we have! 6a00e551101c5488340128767181f2970c-500wi

  1.  Converse!!

Yes, your Mum probably wears them, but they are so versatile! You can dress an outfit up or down with them and still look sassy af. The different colours and styles which they come in are excellent as you can have different colours and looks for each outfit which you choose. With jeans, shorts or a dress these are a casual comfy shoe! I wear these shoes all year round and in all conditions.. they have also seen their fair share of dirty club floors! Being easily washable you can conquer anything you want to in these shoes! 😉

Find them at: SchuhOffice and Surfdome

2. Long simple pendant!!

A simple pendant necklace can dress any simple outfit up. They can be so cheap to buy from places such as eBay and are really good quality or you could opt for something a little more classy such as Anna Saccone’s necklace collection, and choose a long chain instead. They add a class to an outfit when worn night, or day and time of year.

Find them at: Stilnest, Not on the High Street and Accessorize

3. Black skinnies!!

Black skinny jeans are a major key in any girl’s wardrobe, these can be made casual, or classy; it all depends on what top, shoes and accessories you choose to wear them with. My preferred black skinny jeans are from Calvin Klein and they are so durable, wash well and haven’t faded or lost their elasticity since I bought them almost a year ago. Although I am quite short the legs are a little bit too long but nothing a good roll up cant handle! These can be worn in the day time, in the evening or even on a night out just mix and match your wardrobe. You can find my jeans here, or follow the following links below to some different brands.

Find them at:  River Island, BooHoo, and Missguided

4. White shirt!!

A white shirt you can wear with almost anything, no really..anything!! No matter what you wear this with it is going to make a killer outfit. I prefer the shirts if they are a little loose fitting but having them fitted works too! I like this kind of shirt with a long simple pendant and any casual colour of skinny jeans! This kind of shirt is perfect on the hotter days on the year with a coloured cami underneath. Each of the outfits shown below have their own unique styles about them however they are all drawn from the same basic shirt! These can be worn from day to night too and still feel comfortable!

Find them at: Topshop, Zara and Tesco 

5. Ankle boots!!

All year round you can make ankle boots look stylish, with a dress in spring, Jeans in Winter, leggings in Autumn and shorts in Summer. These are a piece of the closet which will not go out of style. I prefer a brown pair as i believe they look a little less dull than black ankle boots and add something more to the outfit. You an get these in many different styles from many places however i will leave a couple of websites for inspiration below!

Find them at: Topshop, New Look and Very

6.Everyday handbag!!

Every girl needs an everyday use handbag! One that will go with every outfit so nothing needs to be sapped around all the time. One  that i feel is perfect for this is just a plain black or brown one of some kind! I find these two types of bag are easy to carry through all seasons! The designs below are all fairly basic and can be picked up in most stores, i got one very similar from H&M which you can read about in my “10 things i keep in my bag” post here.

Find them at: Dorothy Perkins, Shoeaholics and ASOS.

7. Simple striped tee!!

Who can go wrong with a simple striped shirt? You can wear these with almost any kind of bottoms you can thing of, even a cute pair of dungarees! These simple tees are widely available although I will lave links on where to find some for you! I feel as though these tees are more of a daytime wear item as they are too casual to be out in at night i feel, but if you can dress it up right, then rock it gurrl!! Below are some ways in which you can style you simple striped tee!!

Find them at: ASOS, Motel Rocks and BooHoo.

8. Black dress!!

You can never go wrong with a little black dress to wear! Much like many of these basics they are very versatile! These come in so many different styles to match day or night wear and are widely available across the internet and n the high street too! They can be made up just depending on what you wear them with. Below are some examples of how you can dress a little black dress up, or down!

Find them at: Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and Lipsy.

9. Simple ballet pumps!!

These days you can get all sorts of different coloured pumps, and they are a good investment! If you have an outfit which is basic and boring why not jazz it up with a bright pair of pumps. These can be so cheap in certain places like Primark however the quality is not all that good, over the Christmas sale period Schuh and Offie i noticed had several paid of high quality pumps on clearance so it is always worth checking more expensive places before settling for the cheap option! Below are several ways in which you can incorporate patterned pumps ad basic colour pumps into an everyday outfit!

Find them at: Zara, ASOS and Office.

10. Leather jacket!!

This is like the only item on this list that I do not actually own! I have been looking for a leather jacket for ages which I like enough to invest in and so far none of them have taken my fancy, however I believe that it is an item which all women should own! So I hope this bit of research for this post will convince me to buy one! They are so useful and can be worn so many different ways and looks. I just love how classy, but badass these jackets make outfits look. The outfits below show some different ways in which different coloured leather jackets can be worn in different looks.

Find them at: Miss Selfridge, Next and Warehouse

So that’s the 10! Hope you find some inspiration within this post to maybe add to your wardrobe, the basics that you think you have left out! I remember watching a program once where it said all a woman needs is 24 items in her wardrobe.. I personally don’t see how that is possible after trying to narrow it down to these 10! A brand new post is out on Saturday don’t forget!!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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