10 Things I Keep in my Bag!

It’s time for another blog post!! The best way to start your Saturday morning is with a 10 things post! So here is “10 Things I Keep in my Bag!“. Because who doesnt want to know what I keep in my bag?! As well as every woman out there by bag is full of rubbish! But inbetween all that rubbish and old receipts there are a lot of hidden, useful, treasures! I will not be including my purse in this 10, as everyone knows that a purse is bound to be inside your handbag!

My handbag is a simple black block bag from H&M with gold hardware to attach the handles and it resembles a blackhole! It is a little TOO big for all the things I put in it, however it matches with every outfit and also comes with a shoulder strap incase I’m having a lazy day. So, in the name of DJ Khaled, let’s see what we got!hmprod

  1. Snacks!!

I never leave without healthy snacks in my handbag! I’m forever getting hangry and having a small snack in the day is good for your body! I always opt for something like a cereal bar, little tub of nuts or dried fruit and occasionallly some popcorn!! As well as snacks, I also carry a little refillable bottle of water as this helps me hydrate during the day. Bringing my own water bottle allows me to refill it up for free if I have a water fountain nearby where I am going.


2. Tissues!!

You never know when you will need a tissue!! Bird poo on you? TISSUE! Runny nose? TISSUE! Lipstick smudge? TISSUE! They are just a useful thing to carry with you and do not take up much room within your bag or makeup bag!4706

3. Straws!!

If you know me then you know that wherever I go where I see wrapped up straws, I just 41MJwKQRpvL._SY300_take as many as I can!! I just love to have straws in my bag. I hate putting my mouth on the edges of glasses in places that hundreds of other people have put their mouths on so I believe that straws are the cleanest way to drink when you are in a pub or restaurant. The reason I choose to carry my own ready wrapped straws is simply because in places the straws they offer are unwrapped and God knows how many people have touched them before I would pick one up!


4. Portable charger!!

You never know when you will run out of phone battery! I like to keep the charger up just in case I stay out longer than I had planned to, it is also useful if you are driving in the car as you do not need to plug your phone into the car and use it’s power, you can use a rechargable charger! 51TfWVME5qL._SY355_

I got my portable charger from Amazon, it was around £20 and is very good! However it does take a while to charge but when it is fully charged you can recharge your phone up to ten times over! And it also has a light which is useful if you are out and about in the dark.


5. A selectioon of lipstick/lipgloss!!

I can never just choose one lipstick/lipgloss combo to keep in my bag, so I have a selection of various different shades from light pinks to dark purpley-browns. I keep these in a makeup-bag inside of my handbag to keep them together, along with the lipsticks in the makeup bag I also keep several other beauty products and tissues. One product which you will always catch my using on the daily is No7’s highshine lipgloss in Coral Kiss, this lipgloss looks so good over any lipstick colour and is up there with one of my fave beauty products I own!

6. Perfume!!s1610252-main-hero-300

I already wrote about the pefume which I keep in my bag within my “10 January treasures” blog post, which you can view here. I choose to keep a small PRADA Candy slim rollerball perfume in my bag as it is easy and quick to use. It is small enough to keep in my makeup bag in my hangbag and as it is slim it doesnt take up much room at all. Infact it just tends to get lost! I might mix up the perfume I keep in there depending on season, however at the moment I am in love with this PRADA Candy one!

7. Antibacterial hand gel!!

10123992This is again another product which is stored inside my makeup bag in my handbag. I cant stand it when I am out in public touching bus rails, escalator handrails and shop door handles ect. I just feel like I am picking up so many germs so every now and then when I am out I will just quickly give them a quick freshen, and then when I have access to soap and water I give them a damn good clean!! I am currently loving the “Hand Maid” by Soap and Glory, from Boots!

8. Hand cream!!

As well as always having hand gel in my bag I always keep hand cream too! Using hand gel can sometimes dry them out, as well as the cold weather we are having at the moment being a contributing factor too, it is always a good idea to heep your hands freshly hydrated throught the day, even when out and about when you may not noice your hands drying out as much! 10170352

At the moment I am also loving a product by Soap and Glory which is their “Hand Food” in original. I usually just buy a small travel sized one from Boots to keep in my bag, however I do also keep a larger bottle by my bed too. At the moment Boots have their popular 3-4-2 on skincare products offer on at the moment so you could even pick up a few items!

9. Gloves!!

Depending on the time of year, I will keep gloves in my bag! In the winter when I don’t like glovesmaroon.jpgto go out wearing my gloves straight away I like to keep them in my bag just in case I need them! I dont usually like to drive in gloves either which is also why I keep them in my bag if  I am out and about! The gloves I keep in there are literally about 6 years old! I have had them forever and they still fit me perfectly, they’re aged 9-13!! They are just simple and cheap maroon woolen gloves which go with all of my coats which I wear regularly in the winter and are actually so warm!


10. Ring box!!

It seems like an odd item to keep at the bottom of my handbag but there is reason!! I don’t wear earrings a lot of the time but when I do they sometimes start to irritate after a while so I keep a ring box to keep them in if I ever need to take them out! This means that I do not lose them at the bottom of my bag!

As well as this, in the summer when it is hot my fingers swell a little and I do not feel comfortable keeping my rings on when this happens, something inside me just assumes that they will get stuck and need to be cut off! So when I feel like they are getting uncomfortable I just take them off and put them in the box, again, so they don’t go missing under all the rubbish in my bag! The box I use is just a simple Pandora box I probably acquired years ago! Who knew they would come in handy again!


So that’s just 10 of the less common things that I keep in my handbag on a day to day basis. In the Summer months I have slightly more than I do in the Winter, it just depends on the weather and what time of year it is! There’s so much more that I haven’t included! My bag is literally a dumping ground for not only my stuff but my boyfriends too which is so annoying! Hope you liked it and maybe for some inspiration for your handbag!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx



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