Review: BaByliss Curl Secret

It’s that time of the week again where I write a new post, and whats a better way to kick off a Wednesday than a mid-week review?

Today I will be reviewing the BaByliss Curl Secret. I will be reviewing the product in several different areas and then giving it an overall rating out of 10. The areas are looks, effectivness, ease of use and value for money. Bcgrxonqi

The way that this product works is pretty simple, you basically put a section of hair inbetween the two plates and close the gap with the handle, the machine then takes the hair and rolls it round a heated roller and heats it, while doing this it beeps and when it is done you simple release it and voila!

Now that has been explained, let’s get started on reviewing!!

Looks – 7/10

The product itself is scary looking! When I first saw these advertised on TV a while ago I never imagined that I would be able to use it and still have all of my hair! However since owning one I have realised that it is so easy to use and I dont know why I didnt buy one sooner! The feel of it when in your hand is good quality when you hold it and it doesnt feel like it will break if I accidentally knock it, ect. There are 3 “switches” on the side to control tempreture, time to curl and direction that the curl will be and each of these switches had different settings on it. Also, they come in different colours and design patterns, however I have mine in black. Every now and then BaByliss do release limited edition colours which are just so nice! My hairdresser has a blood red colour in her salon and it is very glam!! Babyliss_Product_2

Effectivity – 9/10

Before I had this product I curled my hair with straightners as I just find it the most easiest and effective way to curl my hair along with the fact that I already had them! This hair curler is a game changer!! As long as you set aside enough time to do your hair with it, the look it gives you is flawless! The three different heat settings paired with the time management settings mean that this product is actually capeable of styling different looks like large or small ringlets for an example. This product just gives a natural curl to the hair which is good for day or night wear and this product can also be used on long or short hair!Curls_10_BeforeAfter

Easy of use – 7/10

I’m not going to lie here, I did have to have lessons from my hairdresser on how to use this at the begining!! I didnt even want to open the box until I had her with me to help me set it up correctly, I was so scared of catching my hair in it!! However, within 5 minuets of being with her I picked it up so easy and found it so simple to use, you just have to remember certain things such as which side of the product to have facing your head (it does say on the product “this side towards head” written on it as a reminder though!), and remember which way round the curl will be going for the front few curls! While I was being taught, as I had dragged him all the way to the salon to sit for hours while I got pampered, my hairdresser thought that my boyfriend needed to have a lesson too! So she taught him to use it, and if a guy who knows nothing about girls hair can use it.. anyone can!! Before I started using it I thought that I would get my hair caught in it all the time however with lots of use I have not done this yet… touch wood!

The couple of things that I will say is that the only difficulty with using it is that it is quite a challenge to get the back of your hair done, so if you want to save yourself the awkward two mirror check or the “Is it all curly at the back?” this is where an extra pair of hands may come in handy! (So glad my boyfriend learnt how to use this product!). Also, this product is quite heavy! For me, I need to take a break every now and then just to rest my arm.. I’m not sure if I’m just being a wimp though!!


Value for money – 6/10

With an RRP at Β£119.00 in many stores,including Boots, I believe that this product is well priced. Yes, there are cheaper hair curlers or straighteners on the market that you could choose instead, however I believe that this one is reliable, fast and it is so easy to clean! With just one tool that comes with the product you can keep it clean after every use. With a few practices you’ll be a wizz in no time!!


So overall this product gets a 7.25/10 on the overall rating scale, so not a bad product to invest in in my opinion! They are widely avaliable all over the internet and in shops on the high street with different colours avaliable!

If you are planning on buying one of these, I would suggest either getting someone who has experience using this product, or find a youtube tutorial to guide you through your first few uses!!

Hope you enjoyed this mid week review I have done!

Thanks and see you soon!!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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