10 January treasures..

It’s a little bit late, but here are most of the things that I have enjoyed the most in January 2016!! Its a wide range of things from  to food so theres something that you like the look of! So let’s get started..

  1. Him & Her


This is a BBC comedy show staring Sarah Solemani and      Russel Tovey as a couple who love their bed and food.. can you relate already? It just goes through their life together along with their families and upstairs neighbours. Me and my boyfriend both loved watching this show together! This show is now on Netflix in the UK, all three seasons as well as a one off Christmas episode.



2. Maybelline eyeshadow palette – £10



This palette is PERFECT for any occasion!! I picked mine up in Boots for only £10, and for the quality and range of colours it is a very good price! It has a good mix of matte and glitter shadows which can be fon day or night. The colours stay on all day and blend really well. I have not had any issues with the palette which is good because I have sensitive skin. On the back are a guide to what shades complement eachother when worn which is superb if you are struggling for a new look to wear. I feel that this is one of my all time favourite palettes and for £10 I could help but try it out!

3. New Look cape


The third thing I cant find anywhere on any site to link for you! But it was from New Look and it was a black fur rimmed cape with a hood! I absolutely love it! I picked it out in the store and my boyfriend fell about laughing, but looking past his laughter I bought it and every time I wear it I get complemented on it. Not the best kind of jacket for January as its not very thick but I picked it up for £23! I styled it various different ways, but my all time fave was just plain black jeans with a jumper of somekind with boots, or flatforms.




4. Nivea face moisturiser for mensensitive_moisturiser_2.png

This one seems like an odd one to have come accross but theres a reason I chose this product!! This face moisturiser is so refreshing and light on the skin, it isny oily or thick, made for sensitive skin and as well as all this it is quick drying so it does not leave your skin feeling wet for a while after using its dry almost straight away. It is definitley one of my new prefered skin lotion to use on my face. Started using it by accident and will never look back!! I have tried many products like this but never found one which is as nice as this one, a very close candidate would be the Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit moisturiser. This product is oil free however it made my eyes sting and go a little red when I used it for a while so I decided to keep using this one.

5. Lush’s Snow Fairy shower gel


As well as being vegan friendly Lush make the nicest shower gels, such as Snow Fairy! It’s sweet smell is just my fave! It’s only avaliable at Christmas time which sucks because I use it all year round! It foams really nicely and you dont have to use that much to get a good coverage. As well as the shower gel which they make, they also use the same scent in different products which they make such as bathbombs.



6. Lucy Wyndham-Read’s fitness channel

photoCoaching my way through the “New Year, New Me” fitness routine is Lucy!! I first found out about Lucy from Anna Saccone’s Youtube blogs and thought I’d have a look at what she can do for me and what I found I loved. Not only does she do new HIIT routines to cater for different abilities, but she also has nutritional guides and offeres the motivation that everyone needs when they first start a new routine which may be a little alien to them. So thankyou Lucy!!


7. Burt’s Bee’s lipbalm


I have been loving recently the Burt’s Bee’s Nourishing lipbalm with mango. It smells so refreshing and natural and feels so nice on the lips, it stays on for a long time too. There are many dfferent flavours such as the mango one that I have been loving as well as Wild Cherry, Vanilla and Honey.


8. Prada Candy Rollerball Perfume


This perfume is SO lovely!! My mum bought be this when she was away and I had never had it before but I got a handbag sized tube with a rollerball and it is so easy to apply, smells so fresh and elegant and just fits in any clutch or handbag! Which is also a bad thing.. because it keeps going missing!!

9. Sainsbury’s Taste the Differece Raspberry and White Chocolate Cookies



Oh Sweet Mary these are DELICIOUS. The overly sweet white chcolate mixed with the bitter sweetness of the raspberries is just the perfect combination in a cookie. Coming, sadly, only in a 4 pack at only £1.50 I believe that they are worth every penny.



10. Nike Roshe Shoes

Nike-Roshe-Run-Kids-Shoe-599728_021_A_PREMI have owned Nike Roshes for some time now but only recently started wearing them a lot on the daily for day to day tasks. These shoes are the comfiest trainers I have found that keep my feet cosy all day. They are perfect for working out in as they are cushioned really nicely for comfort. I love how on the Nike website you can customise the design of them for a slightly higher price. I find that as I have small feet I am able to fit into the children’s sizes, so if you are planning on getting any always check and see if your size is a child’s to save a little bit of money!

So that’s most of what I have been loving through January! There is so so much more but I just chose 10!

Thanks and see you soon!

lifeaccordingtobet xx


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